Stainless Steel Worktops

Stainless steel worktops for a truly clean finish

Favoured by a number of professional kitchens, stainless steel allows you to place hygiene at the forefront of your design. It is strong, easy to clean, waterproof, heat resistant and extremely light. Offering a beautiful blend with a range of materials such as wood or lacquered finishes it can work as a stunning statement piece, providing a dramatic centrepiece that breaks up the room and supplies a modern and alternative finish.

At London Kitchen Store we have worked with a range of commercial outlets and family homes to provide some truly stunning stainless steel finishes that have worked to complement their current interior whilst also providing a practical option that moulds around their specific requirements. Only ever a phone call away our team can work with you, holding your hand throughout the entire process as you choose a style and design and calling upon our range of contacts can source a worktop that suits your budgets and tastes.

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