Next125 kitchens

Next125 Kitchens

With a strong commitment to quality, Next125 kitchens are built to last; offering homeowners the opportunity to benefit from stunning kitchens made from sustainable materials. Making their products from the highest quality ceramic – a versatile material that offers a stunning solution available in a range of colours and styles as well as a sturdy, long-lasting worktop. This signature finish of quality craftsmanship and elegance helps place Next125 at the centre of the market. 


Award winning eco-friendly Next125 kitchens

Next125 place a strong emphasis on sustainable production; making sure each of their pieces is not only immaculately finished, but designed using recyclable materials and sustainable products. They are also consistently investing and looking to improve their range; finding alternative ways to be more innovative, environmentally friendly and efficient. This consistent drive forward has guaranteed Next125’s position as one of the most desirable on the market.

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  • Sachsen fabia oak and alina acrylic mix


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