Neff Appliances

Founded in 1866 by Carl Neff, Neff has a proud heritage that spans 140 years. Having grown far and wide thanks to their commitment to innovation including the now infamous hide and slide oven. Unique to this fantastic company and having appeared on a number of cooking TV shows, the hide and slide oven is a fantastic space saving solution with an ergonomic revolving handle that prevents any awkward bumps or tussles when you are cooking. A phenomenal invention and a testament to the design integrity of this longlasting brand, it is a fantastic addition to any family home. With the rest of their products mirroring this level of invention, any Neff appliance can be a valuable asset to your home. At London Kitchen Store we have built a fantastic relationship with the team at Neff which allows us to offer their most innovative products which our team can fit out and help maintain. When working with clients who choose a Neff oven we can advise on a variety of styles; helping to make sure your new appliance slots seamlessly not only into your fixtures but also into your lifestyle and requirements.

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