Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops offer an affordable, longlasting option for our customers

Offering an affordable option and available in a wide range of colours and styles, laminate can be designed to imitate the look of a glamorous and high-end worktop, meaning there is a solution for every interior. Not only can it mould to any style, but to even the most demanding of daily routines. Durable, highly resistant and with a plastic laminate coating that helps ensure a hygienic finish, laminate is an easy to maintain, inexpensive option suitable for even the busiest family home.

At London Kitchen Store we work with a number of landlords across London, many of whom chose laminate for its affordability and longevity. With the option of transforming it into a range of stunning styles to match any number of interiors, laminate is a safe and sensible option that will outlast your tenants. One of our most popular products our team will work with you to help you pick out a tasteful option that blends with your interior and suits your requirements.

Latest Project

  • Keller GL7300 and corian worktop