Keller Kitchens

Keller Kitchens at London Kitchen Store

With over 75 years’ experience, Keller Kitchens are a Dutch company boasting a superb heritage, uniquely complemented by an affordable range. Constantly finding ways to maximise your space, they build kitchens using a blend of practicality and aesthetics. This careful approach means that from the smallest hinge to the largest appliance you are guaranteed a long-lasting, seamless finish you can be proud of.

Innovative thinking

At the London Kitchen Store we are proud to partner with Keller as part of our mission to create flawless kitchens available to all our clients. Having worked with Keller since the very beginning, we have built fantastic relationships with this company – allowing us to bring their original blend of innovation and affordability to our clients in and around South West London

Our collaboration

By collaborating with this brand we are able to offer our customers:

  • Stunning handleless trims in both vertical and horizontal designs
  • Laser edging to make sure that no adhesive is visible after bonding
  • Innovative grid kitchens that allow for a more secure work height
  • 5 yearmanufacturer’s warranty

Period Keller Kitchens

Latest Project

  • Schuller C Line – Acrylic Gloss