Keller GL7300 and corian worktop




Wimbledon, London


This client wanted an individual aesthetic that really reflected their personality. After an in-depth consultation we designed a unique space that saw us design a textured monochrome kitchen that used black, blue and red as well as stunning art pieces to create an utterly individual kitchen. By using subtle touches of each colour we were able to impress without overwhelming the space. We also recessed the tall units so they didn’t overpower the room and allowed the design to shine.

Kitchen details:
  • GL7300 – Keller Black & White Matt Lacquer Textured Door
  • (Also available in 1950 colours)
  • 50mm Designer White Corian Worktop
  • Moulded Corian sinks
  • Siemens Appliances
  • Westin flush-mounted Ceiling Extractor

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