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Sachsen Kitchens

Coming in a range of styles and designs; Sachsen kitchens are a fantastic addition to any home. Designed with their trademark guarantee of quality using some of the finest solid wood, veneers, laminates, lacquers and glass on the market they meet international standards and are constantly tested to ensure the brand never strays from this core ethos.

Laser technology

At the forefront of innovation Sachsen kitchens have been using laser technology since 2011 to allow an utterly seamless and stunning finish on the fronts of their cabinets. This unique approach to kitchen design means few joints are needed, allowing for a far smoother and slicker look for a thoroughly modern kitchen.


Constantly innovating and looking to the future, Sachsen have impressively created an innovative offering that allows for a far more flexible approach to cooking. Whilst traditional kitchens have static worktops that are fixed at one height, Sachsen have designed ergonomic workspaces that can be adapted depending on the user. With designs coming in four different height adjustable systems, Sachsen have once again proven themselves to be at the forefront of innovation and modern cooking.

Latest Project

  • Keller – Firenze in NCS special colour match