Bosch Appliances

Owning a Bosch appliance offers our clients a number of fantastic advantages, including a superb level of energy efficiency that can help save on costs without compromising on quality.  With a keen focus on hygiene the team at Bosch have also designed appliances that integrate a high standard of hygiene. This includes incorporating features such as HydroFresh in their refrigerators, which keeps food fresher for longer as well as Hygiene Plus, which enhances the sanitation of their dishwashers. Not only that, but all their appliances are designed with a precise attention to detail; offering easy to clean, innovative products that make the cooking process much easier.  At London Kitchen Store we offer a range of Bosch appliances; working with you to help you choose the right appliance to suit your requirements and lifestyle. Not only that, but our expert advisors offer a complementary fit out that means your Bosch appliance will stand the test of time.

Latest Project

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